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30-Mar 2021

Sara, Finley, Zoey, Charlie, Mason, Ryan, Brandon, Irene, Daniella's mom and Jordan




Charlie Capalbo - 21 years old - Leukemia relapse

3rd battle with Cancer. Has already had a bone marrow transplant by his brother that was a match. Please continue to pray that the treatment works & they are able to cure Charlie once & for all. Pray for the family's strength during this difficult time. Charlie is currently at Boston Children's Hospital getting treatment.

Mason - 5 years old

Please continue to pray for Mason! He is doing as ok & Happy to be finally at home. He has been going to lots of appointments. The latest orthopedic appoint showed that Mason femurs are out of socket & causing him pain. Please pray that the doctors can help help keep pain under control & resolve this issue when he is a little stronger. He also had a heart appointment as well It went Okay..they sent home on 48 hour Holter monitor so that an electrophysiologist can see how his etopic issue is. His right atrium is still enlarged and aortic aneurysm has only gotten slightly bigger but not concerning right now. Let's pray that Masons heart stays stable. Please pray for the family's strength to continue care & that Mason is stable while at home with his family.


Please pray for the 3 year old in East-haven

who passed away this weekend from a long battle with brain cancer.

Brandon - 10 years old - All leukemia

Getting treatment at Yale overall doing ok. We pray that he continues to do well with no side effects from treatment & stays in remission. Pray for his family for continued strength through this journey.


Please pray for Irene who is dealing with Covid on top all the other setbacks from long term cancer treatment.

Daniella's mom

She is dealing with lots of serious setback from her blood disorder and had an allergic reaction last week that was very scary. Daniella & her parents provide beautiful cakes to terminally ill children. Please pray that they can provide care to her mom.


Please pray for my Jordan who may need surgery on his elbow wiring in MRI results &for my husband Anthony that his heart appoint coming up will be good news and his aneurism is stable.

Please continue to pray for all the families that are not listed today. We thank you for all your prayers & continued support.

5-Feb 2021

Caylee & her baby brother and Finley



4-Feb 2021

Zoey, Charlie, Sara, Mason, Jasmine, Adalia, Naz, Ryan, Brandon, Emmanuel family, Kaylena's family and Izzy







Naz - 19 years old

I had mentioned that Naz was having some issues with his heart & would have to have surgery...Well I have fantastic news with further testing and all prayers Mom has said that the doctors have said that he is stable & they will keep an win his heart but as of now he doesn’t need surgery.

Ryan - 19 years old - relapse

Ryan is home from Yale & doing much better after dealing with an infection. Please pray that Ryan will continue to stay as healthy as he can & continue with little to no side effects. Pray that he continues to be cancer free!

Brandon - 10 years old - B cell leukemia

Currently in treatment - please pray for Brandon & his family while going through his intense treatment.

Logan Emmanuel's family

Please continue to pray for Logan Emmanuel's family as they had to lay there baby to rest last month — he was only 3 months old.

Kaylena's family

Also please continue to keep Kaylena's mom & grandparents in your prayers as they are dealing with so much heartache from the loss of Kalena... pray for strength, healing, for this family’s heartbreaking loss.


1-Dec 2020

Kaylena, Ryan, Mason, Izzy and Logan


Ryan - 17 years old - Non-Hodgekins lymphoma

Ryan was diagnosed in July, Mom says he is doing ok with treatment. She curtly stopped working to stay home with Ryan to help with his treatment. Please let us pray that he will be cured from this cancer and he will have little to no side effects. If you would like to "Adopt" Ryan for the holidays please contact myself or Chris.



Logan - 3 months old - NICU Yale

Please also pray for Logan. He is 3 months old and has spent his entire life in Yale's NICU. Born Aug. 2 early. Had problems at birth. Got sepsis, and had to remove 75% of small intestine. Praying that his colon is still attached. Please let us pray for baby Logan that he won't need a colonoscopy bag and sepsis goes away and that he will be able to go home with his family soon.

6-Nov 2020

Kaylena and Mason



29-Oct 2020

Jayden, Sara, Logan, Kaylena, and Mason






9-Sep 2020

Kaylena, Justine, Mason, Neymar, Sara and Izzy







27-May 2020

Irene, Sara, Mason, Kaylena, Dylan and Charlotte






Charlotte DePaolo

Please continue to pray for Charlotte & the DePaolo family. Please pray that the doctors can figure out the best way to treat her anxiety, and stop the panic attacks.

24-Mar 2020

Sara, Izzy, Julia, Aniylah, Derek, Irene, Mason, Caylee, Alexa, Amanda, Shania and Carness


Happy 4th Birthday to Sara. Mom says Sara is doing ok. Sara was recently hospitalized due to her stomach condition. Let's pray that she continues to do as well as she can & stay healthy. Pray that the doctors can continue keep her stable.

Izzy - leukemia relapse

We met this Izzy with Dylan at Camp Sunshine. After being in remission after 6 years Izzy has relapsed & now has to start chemo all over again. She has been going through so much & feeling really sick. So far has been in the hospital for several weeks enduring lots of setbacks but the good news is her ANC is 500. Hopefully next week she will be able to go home. Let's pray she continues to have an elevated ANC & when they do the bone marrow aspirate that she is in remission. Pray she is able to stay healthy with minimal to no side effects.

From mom: We know for sure now that Izzy is once again fighting leukemia. We will have an exact diagnosis later today as to which type, but her oncologist suspects it's the same as last time. (A.L.L.) Her counts are too low for surgery so she won't get a port right away. They are going to do a PIC line temporarily and plan to place her port in a few weeks. Tomorrow she will have her marrow aspirate, and a spinal tap and she receives her first dose of chemo. I'm sad, angry, and so many other emotions, but Izzy isn't. She's just brave. She knows she'll beat this again. All children's is doing an amazing job keeping her comfortable and happy, and reassured us that she has really good odds of beating this cancer again.

Julia - 4 years old rare brain tumor

Passed away after a long hard battle.
Julia Caoilainn Adams
December 2, 2016 - March 15, 2020

Please let's pray for the family for peace, understanding, much needed strength....especially her little brother. So saddened by this. May she rest In peace.

Aniylah and Derek

Both are doing well, overall no issues. Recovered well from the flu. Pray they continue to stay healthy.

Irene - bone cancer

Please continue to pray that she does well.
Forgot to update y'all on the lil nodule/mass/lump in my pelvis... They're having me do 6 weeks of PT to see if it helps alleviate discomfort, then we can discuss biopsy and resection. A biopsy and surgery in that area would be a big deal, and not easy to recover from. I don't think I can handle that right now, with everything my body has been through. So I'm willing to try PT. Send good vibes that it's benign please.
Instagram: irenesbattle
Twitter: irenesbattle


Due to isolation, the family is unable to visit Mason. His surgery was cancelled due to CoronaVirus. Please pray that he continue to stay healthy & soon they will be able to visit Mason.
Message from mom-
It was so painful to leave this smiling face not knowing if it will be days or weeks before I see it again. My eyes hurt from the tears. When you see someone crying over a parade not happening or a concert cancelled or sporting event, remind them to be grateful that this isn't their reality.


She Is doing well/ Due to COVID 19 they had to reschedule her Make a wish until next year. Pray she continues to stay Healthy.

Alexa - 17 years old- osteosarcoma/relaps

I met her a few weeks ago to help with some food gift cards. She wasn't feeling well at all and mom was very worried about her relapse. Please pray that they can get her in remission with minimal side effects.

Amanda - leukemia

In treatment since April 2018
Only girl of 3 siblings was in the hospital for quite sometime, had lumbar puncture & it was negative, Thank god. Currently she is also home in isolation until she has to have chemo. We also have helped them with gift cards; due to isolation, parents are unable to work and finances have been extremely difficult. Let's pray they continue to stay healthy & she is able to continue to get treatment. Also so very grateful for the help we were able to provide.

Shania - lymphoma

Doing pretty well; met with mom last week to help with food cards, some toys, & pjs for her & her brother who had a birthday. Mom was so beyond grateful for everything. She said things are tough but hard for her to ask for help, but so grateful that we reached out to help. Please continue to pray that Shania stays healthy.

Carness - lifelong battle with Sickel Cell

With sickle cell disease, an inherited group of disorders, red blood cells contort into a sickle shape. The cells die early, leaving a shortage of healthy red blood cells (sickle cell anemia), and can block blood flow causing pain (sickle cell crisis).
Chris met with family to help with food gift cards because the family is severely in a financial crisis due to her recently having a Bone Marrow Transplant. She is a single mom & has to stay home to take care of her as well as they have to stay in isolation due to CoronaVirus. Carness will also have to have a stem cell Boost.

1-Nov 2019

Mason, Julia, Irene, Derek's son, Sara, Leila, Liam, Chloe, PJ and Rob Boisvert




Derek's son






Rob Boisvert

Rob lost his battle on Sunday to ALS. He will be greatly missed by his wife Janine, his family, and the many or us that had the pleasure of knowing Rob.

16-Oct 2019

Sara, Nazear, Mason, Aniylah, Laci, Chloe, Jaxon, Irene, Maddie and Dre's mom








Irene- osteosarcoma Remission

I have a biopsy today. Wish me luck. Please pray that Irene’s Biopsy comes back clear. Also pray they can help her control the constant pain & side effects she deals with everyday.


Trista, Dre's mom

Please continue to pray for Dre’s Mom she had surgery on her leg for the 3rd time a few weeks ago & she is dealing with lots of pain, long healing process. Please also pray for her grandson Christopher who is currently in the hospital he was running fevers & they aren’t sure what’s wrong with him. Pray that they can figure out what’s wrong and get him the help he needs. Pray that Trista’s leg will heal soon.

11-Sep 2019

Aniylah, Mason, Sara, Eliana, Tristan Dre's mom and Anthony





Trista Dre's mom

She will need to have a 3rd Surgery on her leg it’s not healing well at all. Please let’s pray it that the swelling will go down and infection will clear.

Anthony Greco- All Leukemia/Remission

Update from Mom:
Everyday I fight for awareness for our kids, so that more research can be done for them. As you all know there is not enough when it comes to Childhood cancer. I am so proud and happy to say that Anthony has agreed to be a part of a RESEARCH STUDY to look into chemo and heart issues!! This particular study is being funded by ST BALDRICKS!!! Anthony gladly accepted so he can help other children not go thru what he did with his own heart!! He has always wanted to give back and help other children battling cancer, what better way to do so!!!

Let's pray for Anthony that he continues to do well and Doctors are able to help other children in the research study he will be taking part in. Let's also pray for his sister who went to hospital tonight she hurt her leg and also was experiencing bad migraines.

9-Aug 2019

Sara, Mason, PJ, Jasmine, Adalia, Castro



PJ - 13 years old

Message from Mom: He is doing Amazing! God is good. Bless him always.



Castro - 4 years old - rare cancer transplant

Please pray for Castro he was admitted last week to have his port replaced due to infection. Let’s pray that the new port that’s used to infuse chemo stays clear of infection and works properly. Let’s pray that he continues to do well with his transplant & his able to go home.

18-July 2019

Trista, Castro, Irene, Sara, PJ, Keyonna, Mason

Trista Baker

Dre’s mamma is in need of prayer’s this morning Trista was rushed into surgery. Trista fell the other day and broke her ankle & tore ligaments and tendons in her leg, chipped a bone in her shoulder. Doctors are going to place 3-4 rods in her leg. Please pray that the doctors can stabilize her leg & she has a safe & successful surgery with minimal side effects

Castro - 4 years old - rare cancer transplant

Please continue to pray that he stays in remission with no side effects. He has been going weekly for checkups.

Irene - bone cancer

I had surgery today today to remove more hardware, clean up bone spurs & scar tissue from my failed ankle fusion that wrapped around a major nerve, and have biopsies taken. I had a nerve block done so my leg is basically numb from the knee down. The block's side effects left me with a terrible foot drop, so I can't move my foot up and down, nor can I walk. I'm not looking forward to how uncomfortable I'm going to be when the nerve block wears off tonight/tomorrow. It's very frustrating that this makes me way more disabled than I already am because I don't have a right leg to bear weight on, and I can't walk properly because I can't move my foot at all. Being VERY disabled is maddening enough, but being EXTREMELY disabled is infuriating. I hate cancer and I hate that my body can't get its shit together. I try not to complain to my family about this because I don't want to do the whole "why me?" thing, but I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. I'm also sick of living in constant pain. Thank you all for the love and support y'all have given me.
*please pray Irene will have some relief from pain & strength to get through this tough journey she has endured.

Sara - 4 years old - Intestinal disease

Sara was able have her Make a wish even after all her hospital stays within the last month. They all had a fantastic time despite Sara not doing well. Please continue to prayer for her & her family that god can continue to keep her stable, unfortunately they doctors don’t have much to help Sara at the moment due to her difficult diagnosis and it being rare. Let’s pray that they continue to keep her safe & as comfortable as they can. May god continue to guide the doctors to help Sara.

PJ- 13 years old

He’s is entering the maintenance phase of the treatment & doing as well as can be expected. Please pray that he continues to get through the rest of his treatment with minimal side effects & can be home with his family.

Keyonna- Leukemia/Remission

Last week she went to Hero’s Clinic where they check to see what damage if any the Cancer treatment has done to her bones, her heart etc. They also spoke to her of what to expect due long term treatment causes. Let’s pray Keyonna has minimal side effects & doesn’t have to take anymore medicine. Overall she is doing well & will continue to attend school.


Update from Mom: We have once again learned that Baclofen via Gtube is too sedating for Mason. He is very out of it with the dose increase today. Pupils are a 1 if that! I can only hope he will be eligible for a baclofen pump implant. I hate seeing him like this. Hard to believe yesterday he was wide awake and so engaging!

13-June 2019

Sara, Castro, Adalia, Madison

Sara - 4 years old - Intestinal Disease

She is an adorable kid who was born with a rare intestinal problem. At an early age she went through several surgeries, because her intestines do not work properly. Doctors have had to remove most of her large intestine and other parts of her digestive track. This makes it really hard for her to get nutrition into her body, which causes both short and long term problems. She currently loses 5 days of nutrition for every 7 days, and she is not gaining weight. Her mom has to bring her to the hospital often, because she cannot pass anything, and she gets extremely nauseous.

Please pray for healing for Sara. Pray she can pass all the nutrition in her body and that she will stop getting sick to her stomach. Pray she can stay healthy and get out and stay out of the hospital. Doctors have discussed with her parents, possibly having to put a TPN directly into her heart area, so she can retain more nutrients. It is not a great senario, because it has side effects including Organ damage, and can cause cloting, which Sara already suffers from.

They are scheduled to travel to Orlando Florida on June 24th (11 days) for Sara's Make a Wish Trip to Disney. Please continue to pray that her body will heal quickly, and will remain strong so they can go on their trip. Pray for a great time and safe traveling mercies for Sara and her family. Also, pray for her parents, who are running out of options for Sara, and have really hard decisions to make.

Castro - 4 years old - rare cancer transplant

Grace and I were able to meet Castro yesterday at the Ronald McDonald House. Unfortunately, Castro was in pain, and has to go to the hospital for tests. He is an adorable kid, who is 60 days removed from his transplant. He is healthy enough to stay at Ronald McDonald House, but still suffers from a lot of the side effects from the transplant. Please pray that Castro's pain and discomfort goes away. Pray this transplant will continue to graft into his body, and that the side effects will go away. Pray that his skid will heal up, and his spirit will be lifted. Pray the transplant will be a huge success, and that Castro will be cancer free for the rest of his life.

Adalia - 15 years old - cancer

Grace an I also met up with Adalia and her mom and sister. She is doing good overall, but has problems sometime from her treatment. They will be doing scans soon to see if the treatment continuing to shrink the masses in her body. She is a great kid, who took the Amazon gift card we gave her at the golf outing, and bought all different cool logo masks, for the cancer kids in the treatment room. Please continue to pray for full healing for Adalia. Pray the treatment will completely get rid of the cancer, and that she will be cancer free for good. Pray the side effects from her treatment are minimal, and will have no long term effects on her.

Madison - 13 years old - Cancer/10cm Tumor Ovarian

Madison and her family was introduced to us, by one of our generous donors. Maddie is from rural Montana, and loves basketball and being active. She had a larger than 10cm mass discovered on her ovary. They had to have surgery to remove the tumor, and do treatment. I had not spoke with her mom in a while, but reached out to her after the golf outing to help. Maddie is getting more labs done this week, along with some tumor markers.If they come back positive, they will do an ultrasound to see if they can burn the growth off, or have to have another surgery. If it is large, she may have to do chemo. They are hoping to not have anything that will effect her fertility. Crazy a kid a 13 has to deal with such things. Pray that the tests come back negative, and Madison does not need any treatment or surgery. Pray that there will be no more growths, and that Madison can remain healthy and have a "normal" life.

9-Apr 2019

Irene, Marik's mom, Anthony, Sara, Caylee, Jax, RJ...

Irene-Blum - Osteosarcoma - Surgery Tomorrow

Irene is scheduled for another surgery tomorrow to Implanting permanent wires into her main nerves. Please pray that the surgery goes really well, and it will help improve Irene's quality of life and pain management.

Marik’s MOM

Marik Paul - Passed away 1 year ago this month
I tried to pretend this was just another week without you. I tried to tell myself that it couldn’t be worse than last week, or the week before. Every day without you hurts. But it somehow is worse. So much worse. I made my way to your bed yesterday and cried for 2 hours. Dad finally got me up to go for a drive. He brought me straight to the beach. As we sat in the truck looking at the waves, I asked him why it hurts so badly. He said because we are reliving the worst days of our lives, and because even though we would love to forget them, we are holding onto them because they are the last days we had with you. Holding onto every second. This day last year was the last time you left your room to hug me in the kitchen. I remember being surprised you had been able to leave your bed, I remember worrying that you might fall while I held you close. I didn’t want to squeeze you because you were panting and needed air. I walked you back to your room and I don’t think you ever left it again. Lord, please find a way to be gentle to us this week. I don’t know how I can without you. I miss you so much man.

Anthony Greco - 9 years old - All Leukemia/Remission. Dealing with lots of side effects due to Treatment.

Had the 2nd and final part of Anthony's Neuropsychological test today. We go back in 2 weeksfor the results. I was told by the doctor that "we have a lot to discuss judging by what I saw" And she hasn't even tallied up the checklists yet. I'm feeling so very anxious about this and can't wait to hear it all, so we can move on and do what is necessary. I feel more meds are in his very near future. Whatever it takes, it's so hard seeing him struggle. Please pray that whatever the doctors find out, that it is treatable, and they can come up with a good plan to correct the problems. Please pray for peace for Anthony's family, and all the families of CWOP.


Sara is home she is doing ok . The doctors are looking for another medicine to help the small intestine to move. They need to do a studies in that medicine . She needs more help because her small intestine is not doing well. this is the only way she has now to receive nutrition. Please pray again that the doctors can come up with a good plan to correct the problems. Pray that Sara's small intensine shows signs of improvement, and that Sara's overall quality of life improves.


Update from Mom: Caylee is terrible. Hips out of place, no pump, no sleep. Lots of puking. We see the doctor next week. Pray that Caylee's condition improves. Her health is always in a fragile state, so please lift Caylee up in prayer.Pray that Yale can come up with a plan to get Caylee back into good health.


The family needs lots of prayers. Had to be at Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital this morning for 6:30am so Jax could get a CT scan of his head and spine before his major surgery next month.

RJ Henderson

I was just asked to pray for him.

Prayers for Trista having a hard time because Dres anniversary is coming up.

Pray for Austin’s family, and all the families that lost these great Angel kids.

7-Feb 2019



31-Jan 2019

Austyn, Mason S., Charlotte, PJ, Neymar, Anthony, Maddie, Irene, Anthony M., Jasmine, and Anthony F.

Austyn - 17 years old - T Cell Lymphoma

I finally was able to meet Austyn this week. He has been at Yale receiving the Heaviest of Chemo. Austyn has had a high fever, a side effect from the chemo, since he started treatment. He was really tired, but took the time to talk with me. Austyn is a great kid, like every kid we have the priviledge of meeting. The good news was Tuesday he finished the latest cycle of his treatment.

Please pray that Austyn's fever will break, and his temperature will come down. Please pray that his energy starts to come back, and that his spirit is lifted. Pray for peace and blessing for Austyn, his mom, and family.

Mason Scrivines - 3 years old - tracheobronchomalacia

This is an article from the Milford Newspaper about Mason's story. I was able to meet Mason, his and and sister at Yale NH Hospital this week.

"Mason was born with tracheobronchomalacia, a floppy airway which required a tracheotomy, a procedure to create an artificial airway in his neck. He spent most of his first two years of life on a ventilator, until he had a 13-hour airway reconstruction surgery last March at Boston Children’s Hospital and weaned off the ventilator.

The change was amazing, his family said. When he came off the ventilator he was so happy and so much like any other toddler. He still had a tracheal intubation to maintain an open airway while he awaited a final surgery, but he was free of the restraints of the ventilator.

On Dec. 17, as the family was setting its sights on Mason’s upcoming follow-up surgery that was to complete his airway reconstruction, he suffered a setback when his tracheostomy tube dislodged, and he went into cardiac arrest. His parents attempted the interventions they had learned over the years, but scar tissue in Mason’s airway hindered their attempts to force oxygen into him.

'His brain endured severe, tragic injury to the basal ganglia and the hypothalamus,' according to his mother’s Gofundme page, which she set up earlier in the face of mounting medical costs. 'He has lost all his abilities, aside from breathing and expressing pain. His Boston surgeon has decided he would like to give Mason’s brain and body a three- to six-month break before beginning the long major reconstruction of his upper airway.'

It has been hard seeing her little guy make such strides, just to suffer this setback. “Our whole world has turned upside down,” Kelly says on her Gofundme page. “Our hearts are broken. We miss his smile, him running around and climbing on everything.” Mason has four sisters: Mckinley, 17, Emily, 16, Carly, 14 and Samantha, 12. Emily said it has been hard watching her little brother struggle, but she is beyond hopeful. “It’s really hard to see him not doing what he was doing,” Emily said. “But I’m hopeful. I’m going to help him get there.” Dr. Sadinsky said time will tell how much progress Mason makes.

Today the family is looking for a pediatric rehabilitation facility for Mason, and they are torn apart at the idea of being more than a short drive from their little boy. The community has been rallying around the family. So far people have donated almost $3,000 to the family through Gofundme. Community members have also supplied dinners through Mealtrain. Pop’s Family Restaurant in Milford held a fundraiser, and East Shore Middle School held a pajama day to raise funds for the family.

For now Mason is still in the ICU at Yale. Kelly said he has to meet certain criteria before being transferred to a rehabilitation facility, possibly in Boston or New York. The family is researching facilities.

Please pray for Mason and his family. The mom and dad basically one of them is at the hospital all the time. Mason has 4 great sisters that help care for Mason, and always visit his in the hospital. Pray that Mason's condition continues to improve, and that his pain and discomfort will go away. Pray that Mason will be healthy enough to be excepted into a Rehab Center. Pray that the rehab center they find is the right fit, and that this will help him get back to where see was, before Dec. 17th. Also pray for strength and Peace for his mom and dad, who never get a rest when caring for Mason. Also, this is their GoFundMe page. If you would like to donate through Charlotte's Web, we will use any money for the Scrivines family to help pay bills, hotel rooms...

Charlotte - 12 years old - Wrist Surgery

Charlotte had wrist surgery a week ago. She is doing great. Doctors had to cut about 1/2 of her ulna bone, kill off the growth plate, and re-allign the wrist with a 2 inch metal plate. Doctor said the surgery went great. Char has little to no Pain in the wrist, and has not had to take pain meds, since the second day. Thank you to everyone for the prayers! Please continue to pray that the wrist will heal up correctly, and that her body will except the metal plate. Also pray her blood remains stable, and she has no side effects from the surgery and recovery.

PJ - 13 years old - Cancer

PJ just finished his 4 Admission of his Cycle. Mom says, "His spirits are high, and we are ready yot take on the next cycle. Please continue to pray for Pj. Pray that he can continue to receive all his treatment, with little or no side effects. Pray the treatment will continue to work, and that his spirit remains high.


Anthony Greco- All Leukemia/remission

Great news, he is in remission and off treatment. May god bless him always, let’s pray that he continues to stay healthy.

From his mom: Celebratory drink, as I reflect on the last 3 years of Anthony's cancer journey. From 6 months of misdiagnoses, to hearing those 4 little words no parent should ever hear, ("Your child has CANCER" ), to Sepsis, a cardiac arrest, multiple infections that I've never even heard of. Many days and nights inpatient, PICU stays, seizures, 5 surgeries, 10 chemo drugs, numerous other meds, blood and platelet transfusions, fights with Drs and nurses who know you know your kid and will do what you feel is best, all of the wonderful and amazing people who have become family. It goes on and on. Today we hit a HUGE milestone. Most parents long for those little milestones we expect from our kids. Cancer parents long for the one we experienced today. The day our journey officially ends and our child survived. Too many, sadly do not get to this point. While our journey is "over", my quest to help other cancer families never will be. I will do all I can to gain more research funding, to help another cancer mom, dad, or sibling, to make a horrible day more bearable. I will not rest until our kids, our future, get what they deserve. So to all of you in this childhood cancer family, I raise my glass to you. Fight your asses off to the bitter end and know you are all loved dearly by this fellow cancer mommy. #morethan4 #childhoodcancerawareness -His sister Is doing phenomenal in gymnastics. And has been moved up a Level, I told my she has been blessed to be an Olympian.

Anthony- 4 years old Brain Tumor / dealing with side effects from tumor

Pray for Anthony that the doctors can help control his seizures with medication and they can figure out how to help Anthony.

Maddie- 18 years old - liver Transplant

Maddie is feeling much better and ventured out to watch her “little” brother Maxx post a shutout on his first high school career game!! Congratulations both to Maddie & Maxx!!! Wahoo!!! Please continue to pray that she stays healthy and her body doesn’t reject the transplant.

Irene-Ewing sarcoma

From Update 1/21/19:
So I had my heart implant surgery on 1/11 and have kind of recovered from that. My heart is constantly being cared for now. I also started a new heart med. Then on 1/16 I had my neurosurgery. There were some complications that day and it went over by a few hours so my bf and mother were nervous. This last week has been hell. Stamford Hospital has been helpful, for the most part, but the surgical pain is ridiculous.

I started out needing a Dilaudid PCA pump where I'd get Dilaudid IV on demand along with breakthrough IV pushes. But I've graduated to oral Dilaudid, oral Oxycodone, and oral extended release Oxycodone. I have needed the occasional IV Dilaudid breakthrough push, especially when I have to move my body. (I know this seems like a tremendous amount if serious opiate medications but remember my body is tolerant of high dose opiates because I've been dealing with this crap for almost 5 years.) Physical therapy and occupational therapy have been kicking my butt, in a good way, lol. The morning after surgery they were in my room and were like, "okay time to stand up" and I was like "are you effing insane?!" But I know the drill and why it's so important to get moving almost immediately after surgery. I've been needing my anxiety medication quite frequently now too because 2 days before this surgery I had my cancer scans and a new nodule that popped up in my left lung at my last scan has a little more than doubled in size. We're going to re-scan for metastasis in a few months (or earlier if I experience symptoms.)

If you'd like to help my family and I, there are so many ways to help!
My Paypal is
My Venmo is @ireneblum
You can participate in a meal train for dinners for my family of four that has been set up by Caring With Grace at
You can go to
You can share this and help spread the word!

Anthony Muio- 4 years old with brain tumor/remission

Anthony Update: Now that we’ve taken some time to process all of this, we’re sharing the next obstacle in this roller coaster of life. Anthony’s sleep study showed that he has obstructive sleep apnea in addition to his nocturnal seizures. We have been referred to the pulmonology clinic at Boston Children’s where he will be treated.

I’m not sure what the treatment options will be and I dread the idea of trying to get him to wear a mask to sleep at night. But I do know that whatever life throws his way, Anthony gathers the strength and bravery to roll with the punches and get us all through these challenges. We pray that his strength and resilience continues through this next bump in the road.

Jasmine -- Harold's Mom

ARecovering from surgery and doing well. Pray that she will be able to resume normal activity soon and good health.



Anthony Fortunato -- Dylan's Dad

Please continue to pray that he starts to feel better and pain is relieved due to his neck surgery.

23-Jan 2019

Charlotte, Anthony & Austyn


Charlotte is scheduled to have wrist surgery tomorrow at 7am . We did not know that she broke her wrist sometime last year. She played Spring and Summer lacrosse, never said anything. The growth plate in her bone that broke died, causing it to stop growing. Meantime the ulna bone was still growing, and started sticking out her wrist. After Xrays the break was found, and we are going to surgery.

The doctor has to cut the larger bone down, and re-align the wrist. Not a major surgery, but with Char's medical background always more to worry about.

Please pray that the surgery goes better than expected. Pray that Char will have no problems with the anesthesia or any issues during and after the surgery. Pray that she will not be in a lot of pain, and that there will be no complications after the surgery. Pray for peace for her and us, as we are getting a bit nervous, and that the wrist will heal completely ahead of schedule.

Anthony Fortunato (Dylan's dad) - Back Surgery

Anthony is 46 years old, but he is like a Big Kid. Anthony had to have surgery this morning to repair some degenerative disks in his back. He is out of surgery recovering in ICU, so they can observe him. Doctors said his back was in bad shape, but should feel a lot better after recovery.

Please pray that the Back surgery was a big success. Pray that Anthony will heal faster than the doctors expect, and will have a huge improvement in his general well being. Pray for peace for Grace, Anthony and the boys.

Austyn - T-Cell Lymphoma - 17 year old

Austyn is at Yale receiving Treatment for his T-Cell Lymphoma. He has been running a 103 degree fever, and is on an IV Antibiotic.

Please continue to pray for Austyn. Pray that his fever will go away, and that he will no longer need the antiboitics. Pray that the treatment will continue to work, and that he will not have many side effects. Pray that this treatment will get rid of his cancer, and that it will never come back.

11-Jan 2019

Sara, Irene B., Maddie, Austyn, Charlotte, Anthony, & Mason


From Sara’s Mom-
Good morning. Sara has to be admitted into hospital for a blood clot and flu... See below

Hello, Sara is in the hospital. She has the flu and the doctors found a clot in her arm after her clots were gone last week. Please pray for my baby Sara. The flu complicates things a lot with the syndrome she has. Thank you so much.

Please lord may she recover quickly with the flu & let’s pray that the doctors can stop the clot in her arm. Sara has been in and out of the hospital with several complications. Bless this family lord & heal Sara so she can be home with her family soon. This beautiful family needs some peace.

Irene Blum - Ewing Sarcoma/Dealing with complications due to bone cancer and treatment

I have 2 surgeries coming up. I'm having the implant for my heart on Jan 11 and the surgery on my spine on Jan 16. I'm a little nervous but I know I have to get them done to try to get control over my life and body back. If you'd like to help my family and I, there are multiple ways...

Meal train page (thank you Caring With Grace:)

Direct donation pages:
My Paypal is
My Venmo is @ireneblum

GoFundMe page:

I also have my cancer scans this month so please say a prayer for no evidence of active disease

Maddie- was diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 12

Age of 18 was in need of a liver transplant. Milford resident who received a miracle transplant

Jae was a complete stranger to Maddie and our family. His extremely brave, courageous and selfish act has changed Maddie’s life and our families will share a special bond that will last forever!!

Jae’s best friend, Cameron Fahey was so proud and moved by his friends "gift of life" that he wants everyone to know this amazing life saving story and be able to provide help for surgery related expenses.

Jaelin is home recovering and getting stronger everyday. Maddie is still currently at Yale but is also getting stronger and we should be released home again very soon.

Again, thank you for all of your prayers and support for both our families. We are forever grateful!!

Austyn 17 - T- Cell Lyphoma

We started physical therapy yesterday! He would love to be back on the court! Yale all day today! Stronger than the Storm

Please pray that Austyn will get stinger and physical therapy will help him so he can play some basketball.

Charlotte DePaolo

Charlotte will be having surgery on her wrist Jan 24th. Let’s pray for successful surgery, that she heals quickly, has a speedy recovery and restores her wrist back to normal. God bless her and watch over her lord.

Anthony- 4 years old Brain Tumor / dealing with side effects from tumor

Pray for Anthony that the doctors can help control his seizures with medication and they can figure out how to help Anthony.


From Mason's mom-
Our son Mason, has battled lifelong medical condition requiring a trach to breathe and countless major surgeries. On December 18th he endured respiratory induced cardiac arrest at home. We had immediately intervened with bagging and cpr, as he lost his pulse we did chest compressions and got a pulse just before emergency crews rushed him out the door. He was admitted to the icu. The following day he began having seizures due to serious injury to multiple parts of the brain because of the cardiac arrest. He will likely never return to the state of mind he was previously in as those areas of the brain are injured. He will require tremendous therapies once the seizures are stabilized and he recently regains alertness which he has yet to do. He has 4 older sister's who love their brother so much. We are all spending as much time bed side hoping for him to come to. This is costing dad a lot of loss work and making it difficult to drive back and forth to prepare family meals. We appreciate all the support from our community, family and friends.

Thank you all for the love and support each one of you has given Mason and our family. We are holding on to hope even during the worst days. We are so grateful for the support from our community. Mason is a fighter and this is taking it's toll on us all. Please keep us in your thoughts, and prayers and feel free to share Mason's story. Mason has overcome so much in his life and we truly believe there has been and continues to be a reason for it all. He has shown us all to never give up. Thank you from - Mason & Family